Building Seminary

Derio Seminary offers complementary services to the restaurant.
It has 72 rooms, 2 suites and 6 apart. After a good meal, good company, a day pass, a good dinner, drinks have rooms from 45 € (hab. Double).
Paddle club
If you want to play a game of paddle tennis, you organize a party or a class paddle or clinic company or group with great professionals and then dine in one group, couples etc ... we make it easy, call us and we will arrange it, we take care of everything. We have 11 Tracks: 6 and 5 glass wall with gym, sauna, steam room, shop paddle, social area and a professional team of internationally qualified teachers and trainers.
Golf school
If you need to improve your golf swing, learn to take bunker or launch the driver farther than you ever organize a golf lesson so you can come and eat and comment: golf teaching, individual lessons and group (companies, groups, children, obtaining Handicap classes and exams ...)
If what you want is sweating in a spinning class, lifting weights or running can also go to Body Center and later lunch or dinner.
Football fields
You may watch the football field so that you can arrange your lunch or dinner and included sporting event and subsequent awards ceremony.


Txoko Ona Restaurant

Larrauri 1 St. (old building Seminary) 48160 Derio - Bizkaia

Phone: +34 94 454 12 58 / +34 94 454 15 42


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