Like the first park? Perfect, it is easy if you come to the restaurant Txoko Ona. More than 500 free places available will not waste time during the week when you come to eat our daily menu.

And for your events and celebrations, that's convenient: no OTA or space problems. All facilities. We are 200 meters from the exit of the motorway, 5 minutes from the airport. Simpler, impossible.

It is also perfect for buses and special transport of sports teams or sports equipment such as: trawlers, cars with bikes, bike trailers ... because there is no difficulty in parking maneuvers thanks to the large size of its streets.

Txoko Ona Restaurant

Larrauri 1 St. (old building Seminary) 48160 Derio - Bizkaia

Phone: +34 94 454 12 58 / +34 94 454 15 42


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